Monday, March 25, 2013

Pika Pika Photo Fun!

My daughter-in-law, Amber, 10 year old grandson, Evan, and I had so much fun at the Pika Pika Photo Booths in San Francisco's Japantown. Among all the wonderful shops, restaurants and plazas there is a room filled with all different types of Japanese photo booths.


Since it was our first time, it was suggested that we use The Cube photo booth because it was a bit easier to use then some of the others...and, be aware that all the booths' instructions are in Japanese. There was a wonderfully helpful young man there who told us how to use them but there is still a lot of trial and error involved - all fun!

Most of the photo booths make your eyes bigger giving you a bit of the Japanese Anime effect. There are also booths that accommodate up to 30 people!

In The Cube you get to take 6 pictures and pick out fun colorful frames for each of them. Then you leave the area where the pictures were taken and go to the decorating screen. The fun continues there as you add hats, ears, eye glasses, words, pictures and more to your photos. Then you wait a few minutes and you receive your sheet of photos - 2 large and 8 small for $10 (different booths are different prices starting at $10). And they are stickers!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or are visiting, I highly recommend this Pika Pika Photo Fun!

Our pictures:
These are photos from two different sessions

This is my favorite!

Let me know about your experience at a Pika Pika Photo booth...

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