Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cat Love

We all love our pets. Animals give so much unconditional love 
and there is nothing quite like a relationship with an animal. 
My cat, Asia, is no exception.

                           Awww!                     Watching me draw        On her way to the Royal Wedding
As a child we always had cats as pets, however, when I moved out on my own I often lived in places where pets were not allowed. When my husband, Robert, and I bought our condo I began searching for a cat. Robert never had cats (only dogs) and was a bit wary of cats, but he knew how much I had been wanting a cat and lovingly agreed.

I began searching for a cat on Petfinder. Petfinder is wonderful online website - you can put in the characteristics of animals you would like and they find many that fit those qualifications.  I wanted a small, female, about 2 year old cat and finally decided on Asia. She was in a foster care situation about 2 hours from my town. The day I was to pick her up I was so excited I didn't think I could drive, so a friend drove with me.

The foster care mom told me to have her in a small room for awhile until she became more comfortable in her new surroundings. Well, the first night she meowed so much and seemed to long to be with us, so when we opened the door she ran right up to our bedroom, jumped on the bed and 9 years later she is still there.
She loves using her mouse as a pillow

She has brought so much love, joy and fun into our lives. And, it is always enlightening to watch a cat relax, stare out the window, explore everything with such amazing curiosity, and well, just be a cat!

Robert absolutely LOVES her and they have a unique connection that is so adorable to watch (especially since Robert never thought he was a "cat" person). He often tells me how happy he is that I brought Asia into our lives.

There always seems to be a photo opportunity when cats around...

Enjoying the iPad

Helping me sort socks
             Where's Asia...?              

 What animals bring joy into your life...?

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