Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Talented Husband

My husband, Robert, is an extremely talented musician. He is a singer/songwriter and plays many instruments - acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards and harmonica. And, he plays all types of music - country, ballads, rock, pop, classics and, I especially love the songs he has written.

We have a recording studio in our home and he loves creating songs and mixing them. He recently came out with his first CD, See You Again. It is an eclectic upbeat collection of his original songs - rock, blues, country, ballads and island music.

The title song is dedicated to a dear friend of ours, who passed away a few years ago. Sail Away is a song about our tropical adventures. A Woman Like You is about me! That Yellow Ball is about our tennis days. Grandma's Chocolate Bar is about his Italian grandmother and there are many more...

I enjoy having my own personal concerts in front of the fireplace or in the recording studio when he is creating something new. He often plays for our friends at dinner parties or impromtu gatherings. His sweet gentle soulful voice touches everyone's heart.

He has written songs about me, our family, life events, local happenings and any topic that inspires lyrics and music. Sometimes we even write songs together and I have fun singing along.

I am blessed to have a musical creative soul in my life and I fall in love with him all over again whenever I hear his sweet lyrics, music and especially his voice...

Purchase See You Again Here!
You can download the songs or purchase
a physical CD filled with pictures and liner notes written by me!

What creative souls bless your life?

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