Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Joy of The Journey...

We have all heard the idea that Life is all about the Journey.
And for many years I have told myself that -
through thick and thin, through ups and downs, and through life and deaths.

Now, I really GET it!
Life is absolutely about the Journey - the inner and outer journey of our spirit,
the inner and outer journey of our soul.
Life is the intersection of these journeys.
Life is truly in each and every moment, each and every breath,
each and every creation, each and every connection and each and every

I love learning, growing and expanding into the being I am meant to be. 
I love listening and hearing who I really am and revelling in the joy of my personal journey...
I love sharing my joy and light with others which inspires me to continue my expansion.

My spirit continually beckons me to express the fullness of who I am...

Love, Creativity, Joy, Fun, Clarity, Beauty, Expansion, Laughter, Caring, Connection, 
Appreciation, Abundance and so much more!

Life is truly about the Joy of The Journey...

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