Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home Exercise...

...for Body, Mind and Soul

I love exercising at home in my beautiful loft filled with light - from high ceilings, skylights and lots of windows. I enjoy my solitary gentle yoga sessions. Sometimes I just want to do a 20 minute yoga practice and sometimes longer so I have wonderful DVDs to guide me.


I also enjoy my Swiss Ball sessions in my loft. There are so many wonderful stretches and exercises one can do on and with the Swiss Ball. It is low impact, yet it can be quite a workout.  The Swiss Ball can be bounced on, stretched over, sat on, leaned on and anything else you can think of. It is great for balance and core work.

My cat Asia loves to stretch (as all cats do) but seems to know when I am doing Yoga or the Swiss Ball and joins in. She stretches next to me, licks my hair, sniffs my hands and often walks under my bridge poses. Then she seems to settle in and sits nearby watching, or nodding off into a Cat Savasana.

Over the years I have joined different health clubs and yet always love my home exercise practices.

I also live in a beautiful valley with walking paths and an abundance of flora and fauna right outside my door, so I take walks in nature many times a week. Walking in nature feeds my soul.


What home exercises for your body, mind and soul do you enjoy...?

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