Sunday, May 12, 2013

International Soul Art Day 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013 was the 2nd Annual International Soul Art Day created by Laura Hollick of Soul Art Studio. It was my first Soul Art Day and it was an amazingly powerful experience! It was a 12 hour global virtual online event with thousands of participants from all over the planet.

There were live google hangouts, a live 12 hour web cam in Soul Art Studio and wonderful sharings from soul sisters from all over the world.

I created my soul art piece over the 12 hour period while watching, listening and sharing in all the live happenings. I was inspired and energized by the event and created an 8 foot soul art piece around the tracing of my body (body mapping).

As the hours unfolded I was inspired by images from magazines, and boxes of my art supplies of feathers, flowers, leaves, stamp pads, stickers and more.  In the end I used water soluble wax pastels and Tombo colored markers to create my soul art.

She unfolded over the 12 hours with an ease and flow that I had never experienced before...and I had never created an art piece that large. All around the aura of her body I wrote intentions, affirmations, and phrases of who I REALLY am...

She is continually speaking to me and calling me to continue to evolve into the best version of myself. She is powerful, beautiful, creative and knowing...

Here is a slide show video of my creation unfolding over the 12 hour period:

I am already looking forward to Soul Art Day 2014!

Were you a part of International Soul Art Day?

You are welcome to share your experience in the comment area...