Monday, April 8, 2013

Raw Hemp & Orange Salad

My favorite raw salad! 

Raw Hemp and Orange Salad

Shredded carrots
Shredded golden beets 
Mint leaves
Raw Hemp Seeds
(also known as Hemp Hearts
they are the most nutritious seed in the world!)
Pink Himalayan Salt and pepper to taste

Since I have been sprouting beans lately 
I like adding them to the salad too
Here's my Post on

Olive oil 
Juice from a mandarin orange
(I include the juiced mandarin orange wedges in the salad)
A few squeezes of lemon
Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar

*most ingredients are Organic

And, I love my Fruit Water!

Purified Water
Chunks or slices of 
lemons, oranges, limes
and mint leaves

Nutritional LOVE for my body, mind, soul and heart... 

What are you favorite raw salads?
Please share them here...

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