Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Amazing Grandson

I am in awe at the little ones that are gracing our planet at this time. They are gentle, loving, creative and focused...and know who they are and what they want. As we are in their presence and allow them to be who they are and take their lead, we are forever transformed. They know so much and we can learn so much from them.

My 10 year old grandson, Evan, lives in Sacramento, about an hour and a half away. We see each other often and I cherish our times together. He is one of these souls.

We enjoy creating art together, going on magical adventure walks in nature, visiting fun places and just BEing together. We have enlightening discussions about the world, seen and unseen. We share adventures exploring the world of elementals, fairies and their villages. He is helping me to re-remember my connection with my spirit and who I really am. He brings so much love, joy and fun to my life...


Evan is introspective and focused. He is comfortable inside himself and his gentle energy graces all in his presence. He smiles and laughs easily and is curious about his world around him.

I love seeing what He wants to do, where He wants to go, what He wants to say and what He wants to create. Though he is young in years, his soul is knowing and his heart is full.

I have never had biological children. Evan is my step grandson (since his birth) and I know that I was meant to have him in my life. Our connection is unique, powerful and extremely loving.

I celebrate each moment we have together and celebrate our connections when we are not physically together...for we are always connected...and we always will be.

Thank you, Evan...I appreciate you more than you will ever know...actually you probably do know!

I'd love to hear about the special little ones in your life...

My friend, Sally Kuhlman, is writing a book called Heart Mothers.
You are welcome to visit her blog, dedicated to her upcoming book,
as she interviews and writes about ALL kinds of Mothers (and Grandmothers).
It will be a beautiful testimony to the "Mother" in all of us...

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